katiekins (badkitty1782) wrote in cinciofthedamnd,

Looking for a girl who was at Rick's Tavern last night (1/16/09) . . .

I'm looking for a cute brunette who wanted to dance with me yesterday evening at Rick's Tavern in Fairfield.  I had on the pink zebra-striped shirt and was sitting to the right of the door.  I got too drunk and had a major case of ADD.  I went outside to give my friend his bill and found out he left with out paying it or saying "bye."  I was kind of "WTF?!?" and got caught up with the bill issue and with paying my own and my dumbass forgot I promised to dance with you.  I guess I was just sort of in disbelief a cool, cute random chick would come up to me wanting to dance.  Even if you weren't looking to hook up I would've loved to make a new friend.  I've never had anything like that happen to me before and I rarely go out, so I'm totally kicking myself for being so drunk and forgetful.  I really was pretty damn toasted at the time and shouldn't have even driven home.  I really wish I wouldn't have blown that chance.  Any way, if you or one of your friends reads this, please drop me a line!
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