Myke Amend (mykeamend) wrote in cinciofthedamnd,
Myke Amend

Reminder - tonight - Cincy Dark Arts Fest III

The Brides are Playing their first ever area show, other acts include Order of the Black Hand featuring Dru Cadaver of the Cadavers, Pagan Holiday 1313, and a CD release party with the Vladimirs.

For those who have not heard the Brides, featuring members of the BrickBats: They are fun and campy, much like Voltaire, and their sound is hard to classify, but most like the Damned if I had to pick a band.

This show also features The Pickled Brothers Sideshow.

Doors open at 8. Cover is $7 18 and up
Madison Theater - 730 Madison Avenue in Covington KY (2 minutes from Downtown Cincinnati)

Come out and have a great time.

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