Myke Amend (mykeamend) wrote in cinciofthedamnd,
Myke Amend

Reminder - Tonight - Dark Arts Festival at Top Cat's

Tonight is the night.

Thanks to everyone who came out last night, it was a blast.

The picnic was fantastic as well. Pictures pending.

Tonight is the final part of this weekend, what we have been building up to, and we hope that you can make it out to join us.

8:00 PM at Top Cat's 2820 Vine Street Cincinnati Ohio 45219

Black Cat Revival, Deepest Symphony, The Epidemic, Brooklyn Vampire, Alien Dead - The art of Sevi, and more.

More bleeding edge figures, more gothic edge gift certificates, more tickets to coming shows, including Machine Gun Symphony and free admission to the Bella Morte/Hungry Lucy Show... come out, have a great time, see some fantastic bands, view some awesome artwork, and join us all for this weekend's main event.
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