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Let H&R Block do your taxes! [26 Jan 2009|12:40am]

We did ours there today so I have coupons if anyone wants to do their taxes there, TELL ME!

I can give you a coupon AND I get $15 if you actually get them done there. ^__^

Looking for a girl who was at Rick's Tavern last night (1/16/09) . . . [17 Jan 2009|10:44pm]

I was supposed to dance with you! (read more)Collapse )


Animal Lovers Please Help [01 Jul 2007|08:42am]

Hello everyone! This is a last desperate effort to save a VERY sweet puppy.

Yesterday while canoing I found an abandoned puppy. She appears to be a few months old and in good health. As much as I want to keep her, I unfortunately cannot because of my older dog.

But, this baby has been through enough and she deserves a loving home and owner. So, if anyone can adopt her, foster her, or knows anyone that would like to have her, please let me know!


Reminder -- tomorrow: [20 Apr 2007|01:58pm]


THIS WEEK: Skull Lab Fest! [16 Apr 2007|02:13pm]

Come on out this Friday and Saturday to Cincinnati's newest indie-arts festival.

The Skull Lab Fest will feature everything from punk bands to poets to spoken-word artists to independent film.
Bands include Realicide, Capital Hemmorhage, To-Night Golden Curls, Grave Blankets and many, many more; readers (4:00 p.m. Saturday) include Shawn Abnoxious, Diamond Doug, and (all the way from Toronto) the notorious spoken-word satirist Jeff Cottrill!

Skull Lab is a collectively run art gallery/venue in Cincinnati. Its main goal is to provide a space for the community where people can come and be creative and express ideas. They have been open since December 2006.

WHEN: April 20-21, 2007
(Friday lineup begins at 7 p.m. (I think), Saturday lineup begins at 1 p.m.)
WHERE: Skull Lab, 271 McMicken Avenue
COVER: Suggested donation $3, or $5 for the weekend
MORE INFO: www.myspace.com/skulllab

Hope to see you there...

Reminder - the show tonight. [15 Sep 2006|05:08pm]

45 Grave: Part of this scene's music when I was a teenager.

Hungry Lucy: Dreamy Dark Trip Hop Sound in the vein of Azoic, with a bit of shoegazer.

Hematosis: Sound: Skinny Puppy + Killing Joke. The goth dance club sound.

Beneath the calm: Industrial experimental.

Get in free with a movie ticket or movie ticket stub for Jimmy and Judy

the Show is at:

the Madison Theater
doors open at 8PM or slightly before.
All Ages Show

45 Grave in Cincinnati on Friday the 15th [10 Sep 2006|03:38am]


What: Jimmy and Judy Movie Release party featuring: Dinah Cancer and 45 Grave, Hungry Lucy, Hematosis, and Beneath the Calm.

Where: The Madison Theater, 2 minutes from downtown Cincinnati in Covington KY

Price: Free admission with a Jimmy and Judy movie ticket or ticket stub, otherwise $9 (in which case you will be given a movie ticket for the showtime of your chosing at the door).

Myspace Events Page

[30 Aug 2006|06:58pm]


Advanced tickets highly recommended.

Tickets available through madisontheateronline.com

Goth extras needed for feature film [08 Aug 2006|06:46pm]

Casting Call

What: Looking for extras and day players for an upcoming independent feature film, "Quench".
Where: Shooting on location in Eastern Indiana.
When: Shoot scheduled for late October 2006.
Who: College age or twentysomethings, M/F that can pull off "gothic" look with own wardrobe.
About: This is not a horror movie. This is a serious independent drama. Non-union. Roles are unpaid. Meals will be provided. Information about the production company including information about this and past productions see the production company website: www.alongthetracks.com.

Contact: Interested parties should contact rpanet@alongthetracks.com

Reminder - tonight - Cincy Dark Arts Fest III [12 Jul 2006|04:25pm]

The Brides are Playing their first ever area show, other acts include Order of the Black Hand featuring Dru Cadaver of the Cadavers, Pagan Holiday 1313, and a CD release party with the Vladimirs.

For those who have not heard the Brides, featuring members of the BrickBats: They are fun and campy, much like Voltaire, and their sound is hard to classify, but most like the Damned if I had to pick a band.

This show also features The Pickled Brothers Sideshow.

Doors open at 8. Cover is $7 18 and up
Madison Theater - 730 Madison Avenue in Covington KY (2 minutes from Downtown Cincinnati)

Come out and have a great time.


[02 Jul 2006|06:23pm]

The Brides, Order of the Black Hand, Pagan Holiday 1313, The Vladimirs, Pickled Brothers, and More at the Cincy Dark Arts Fest III (Xposted to regional art, dark music, and alternative music communities)

When: Wednesday Jul 12, 2006
at 8:00 PM
Where: The Madison Theater
730 Madison Ave
Covington, KY 41011
Cincy Dark Arts Fest III Featuring the Brides with ex members of the Brickbats, Order of the Black Hand featuring Dru Cadaver of the Cadavers, Pagan Holiday 1313, and a Special CD Release Party for the Vladimirs. Pickled Brothers, Visual Artists, Performers, and other features in addition. Cover is only $5 in advance through the events page, and $7 at the door.

Click Here To View Event

Click Here To Visit Cincygoth.com

larger flyer under the cutCollapse )

Goth Prom 2006 [14 Jun 2006|12:25pm]

Goth Prom 2006
Featuring Voltaire
Special Geust DJ Bob
June 24th at the Madison Theater in Covington, KY (Just across the river from Cincinnati)
Doors open at 8
Tickets are $10 at the door with a pre-sale special of $15 per couple (2 tickets)
Tickets available at the Madison, from www.cincygoth.com, and from any member of Cruxibellum Productions.
(Tickets will be $15 each at the door)
There will be venders, tarot readers (Banshee from Warehaus), and a photo booth for Goth Prom memories

Come join the fun!

Flier cut for those not interestedCollapse )

Tonight-DVDs, Posters, Bands, Psychics, Vendors, Fun - Cincy [02 Jun 2006|03:07pm]

Tonight is the Night for the Cincy Dark Arts Fest. Doors open at 8. Bands start shortly after.

Bands: Bella Morte, Hungry Lucy, Liquefaction, Na

Vendors: Bleeding Edge, D Raphael, Leatherwolffe Creations

Artists: Eric Tragedy, Myke Amend, Others

Psychics: Banshee from the good old days of the Warehouse

Movie Promotion: The Heart is Decetful Above all things

The Madison Theater: 730 Madison Avenue Covington KY. Tons of parking - free and $3 - one minute from Downtown Cincinnati (take Covington the 5th street exit from 75 N or S, turn right on Madison Avenue, continue 5 blocks.

Doors at 8

Admission: $12 at the door.

[23 May 2006|10:59am]



Reminder - Tonight - Dark Arts Festival at Top Cat's [07 May 2006|04:56pm]

Tonight is the night.

Thanks to everyone who came out last night, it was a blast.

The picnic was fantastic as well. Pictures pending.

Tonight is the final part of this weekend, what we have been building up to, and we hope that you can make it out to join us.

8:00 PM at Top Cat's 2820 Vine Street Cincinnati Ohio 45219

Black Cat Revival, Deepest Symphony, The Epidemic, Brooklyn Vampire, Alien Dead - The art of Sevi, and more.

More bleeding edge figures, more gothic edge gift certificates, more tickets to coming shows, including Machine Gun Symphony and free admission to the Bella Morte/Hungry Lucy Show... come out, have a great time, see some fantastic bands, view some awesome artwork, and join us all for this weekend's main event.

[02 May 2006|02:14pm]

Xposted to several regional communities:

Through May 20th cover is only $3.

May 6th - Cincy Dark Arts Festival Dance Night at the Necropolis. Art showings, dance music, giveaways (concert tickets for coming shows, bleeding edge figures, gift certificates from the gothic edge in Covington KY). $3 ages 21+

May 7th - 12:30PM - Cincy Dark Arts Festival Picnic at Spring Grove Cemetery - Featuring Freakshow Entertainer Travis Fessler. 9:00PM - Cincy Dark Arts Festival Main Event at Top Cat's - Featuring Black Cat Revival, Deepest Symphony, the Epidemic, Brooklyn Vampire, and the Alien Dead. $7 ages 21 +, $9 ages 18 to 20

May 27th - Live show featuring Machine Gun Symphony at the Necropolis, giveaways will include some tickets to the coming June 2nd Bella Morte and Hungry Lucy show at the Madison. Cover $5 21+

June 2nd - Bella Morte, Hungry Lucy, Liquefaction, and N/a at the Madison Theater. Tickets are $12 each. 18+

June 10th - Cincinnati Gothic Prom at the Necropolis. Details and features pending. Cover $5 21+

October 27th, 28th, 29th - Cincinnati Spookfest. A large Live Event Weekend. Live Acts TBA

Hey Friendsters! Tell Bush to Take a Walk! [30 Mar 2006|03:03pm]

Hey Friendsters! Tell Bush to Take a Walk!

Body: Your President is coming to throw out the first pitch at the Reds game.

Students and Community activists will be meeting FRIDAY MARCH 31 at 7PM in Tangeman University Center at UC to make signs and slogans for a protest at the Reds opening day game. For those that don't know, President Bush will be throwing out the first pitch at Opening Day. This contingent will be joining the Intercommunity Justice and Peace Center at the protest as well.

70% of the population in the U.S. is now calling for an "immediate withdrawal of troops from Iraq". The entire Bush agenda is in shambles and he now has a lower voter approval rating than Richard Nixon during Watergate.

DOUBLE PLAY: Troops out of Iraq/End the Occupation!

Forward this far and wide:

Birthday party at the Necropolis + more [25 Mar 2006|06:16pm]

I am doing a late birthday celebration at Necropolis tonight. Seing some of the old warehouse, chasers, or vertigo crowd, the old 1470's crowd or familiar faces from fusion would be great if you can make it.

There will also be a homecoming party for some of DJ Nefera's friends tonight as well.

Location: Jekyll and Hyde's at 1140 Main street. Doors open at 10. Cover $5 - Ladies in free before midnight. Parking off street is $5, on street is free but limited.

More on Necropolis at the new http://www.necropolisclub.com or at the old http://groups.myspace.com/thenecropolis

[11 Mar 2006|03:19pm]

Travis Fessler will be performing his sideshow feats tonight at Necropolis. Fire Eating, Sword Swallowing, and more.

Please come out and visit us after the 69 Eyes show, or instead if they aren't your thing.

I hope to see you there.

Necropolis is held at Jekyll and Hyde's every Saturday night

1140 Main Street Downtown Cincinnati Ohio


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